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Do Hot Women Make Dogs Happy?

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Do Hot Women Make Dogs Happy? ( I know this title is a little different, so check out why below)

One of my facebook friends sent me the below comments the other day. I responded, and with his permission am posting, however I have changed his name to John Smith….. Also, what reader can come up with the funniest title to this article? Please comment below, and rank the ones you like the best. (I’ll even re name it for you!)

So here we go……………….

John Smith

“I know you are going to say age has nothing to do with happiness. However, by looking at all your posted pictures with all these beautiful young women, it does make me wish I was about 30 or 40 years younger. However, I would probably be like the dog that is always chasing cars. If he ever catches one, he will not know what to do with it, and neither would I.”

Justin Criner

You are right, I would say that age has nothing to do with happiness, but I would also say that beautiful women have nothing to do with happiness. Now you could argue that beautiful women do have something to do with happiness, but then you would also have to acknowledge that beautiful women have something to do with misery. Since happiness and misery can not co-exist together then beautiful women can not be the cause of either. In other words happiness does not come from women, however they can “guide” our happiness at times but they will never create or destroy it. So if women do not create happiness then does age? A young man might say that old people are happier, an old man might say that young people are happier, what one is right? Well neither, for again happiness does not come from nice skin and youthfull agility, but it comes from the wisdom to understand happiness, and allow it in your life.

Now, chasing cars just might bring happiness, but then what do i know, im young with a beautiful woman, and I have a dog as well.”

John Smith

“Hey Justin, too many twist and turns for this old man in that philosophical paragraph. Kinda like who’s on first, what’s on second, etc. I never been rich, but I sure would like to try and see if that brings some degree of happiness. I have been poor, and even that does bring certain degrees of happiness. A lot of years ago, I dated some girls that were not so beautiful, and I dated some that were very beautiful, if fact I married one of them. Neither one brought absolute happiness or absolute despair. Therefore, I would conclude that HAPPINESS IS A STATE OF MIND. It is not riches nor the lack thereof. It is not beautiful women nor the lack thereof. I think you just convinced me that happiness is not tied to riches. Neither is it tied to beautiful women. Be happy with what you have. As Jack Nicholson so aptly put it, “WHAT IF THAT IS AS GOOD AS IT GETS”?”

- So what do you, the reader think? You can comment below. Also what should the title to this article be?

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One Response to Do Hot Women Make Dogs Happy?

  1. Dr. Sue says:

    Hey Justin,
    So glad to be back in touch!

    Looking forward to combining positive forces!
    Hugs 2 U Dr. Sue

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