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Thread: Gratitude as a way of life!

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    Gratitude as a way of life!

    In the course of our discussions, Justin and I are continually expressing gratitude for the myriad of blessings, relationships, processes, et. al. in our lives. Gratitude as a process yields the practice of being grateful, every day, for all the things in our lives. Imagine for just a moment what kind of world we live in when we are grateful. We are happier. We are kinder. We believe more is possible. For this thread, I hope we start an incredible process of gratitude! What difference could gratitude make in your life. Ask yourself what you are grateful for every day. Then, see how the list grows, changes, morphs, and manages your thought processes. Try it! Of course, I'm extremely grateful for my wife and two daughters! What blessings they are to me! That's my gratitude today. Tomorrow, it will be something else. Let's see where this takes us!

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    Gratitude, the magic pill for life

    Todd - I really enjoy our talks and totally agree.
    One of my strong beliefs of gratitude is that it completely resets your life.

    Gratitude is like a reset button on an electronic product. If there was just 1 thing I could get people to do to create more happiness, freedom, success, and better relationships, it would be gratitude exercises.

    I have seen it tons of times and really believe that gratitude is a fix it all "pill"

    I'm grateful for so many things, a few are listed below,
    the earth
    My relationships
    that Always Developing is coming together
    For my close friends and business contacts

    and more can be found here on a blog I wrote on gratitude recently.
    316 things to be grateful for
    Justin Criner

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