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Thread: Gratitude as a change mechanism!

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    Gratitude as a change mechanism!

    I was driving home and received a call from my Mother asking how things were. And, as is many times the case, I started to express my frustrations. Being my Mother, she patiently listened and gave words of encouragement. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. It sounded as if all I could do was complain. Then, in a flood of thoughts, I reflected on what I was grateful for! This yielded a complete 180 degree change in my attitude. Instantly my body felt better! What a transformation to the good this made! And, it was a simple realization of what I'm grateful for!

    How many of you feel frustrated, disheartened, angry, sad, discouraged, etc.? Try thinking of what you're grateful for and see if you don't immediately feel better! This is my challenge to everyone visiting Always Developing. Thanks Justin for giving us a forum to express these ideas. I am very grateful for you!


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    I love it!

    Today I am grateful for the experience of meeting new and amazing people that help my life to grow. Gratitude is the ultimate reset button. It just seems to fix almost every difficulty that we have in life.
    Justin Criner

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