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Thread: What I'm Grateful For!

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    What I'm Grateful For!

    1. My Wife Foremost! What a beautiful, loving, caring, intriguing, exotic person to share a life with!
    2. My daughters! Just to see them grow up is incredible!
    3. My mother and siblings! I don't know why God placed us on earth together, but, I'm sure glad he did!
    4. An incredibly long list of people who act as family daily and sincerely show they care!

    What are you grateful for?

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    Today I am grateful for friends that encourage and help me to grow! This is a huge blessing in my life. I also wrote a blog on a list of 316 things to be grateful for. Its right here if you want to check it out.
    Justin Criner

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    I'm grateful for where I am and where I'm not. I may not have the best but I am far far away from being the worst.
    It's really hard to keep that in mind when you have only been back working 6 months at much less than you ever made..but you have to.

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