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Thread: Gratitude - Model for Life

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    Lightbulb Gratitude - Model for Life

    It is too easy sometimes to just ask what you are grateful for. Sometimes you have to look at the process for steering your life from darkness into the light. Enter Gratitude. The ultimate oar for you to steer your life. Don't believe me. Be mad at the world. Blindingly mad at anyone and thing you can think of. In that moment, think of anything you are grateful for. Watch the transformation. A sense of calm will come over you. You will become more introspective, which also lends to a peaceful state. From this platform, a warm of feeling for what you love and respect and cherish will set in. Happiness is sure to follow. All it took was the oar of gratefulness, steering your life in a new direction.

    Try it out and let me know how it worked for you. I'd love to hear your comments.


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    You are amazing! We need to connect soon. Lots going on here. So Gratitude, I love your write up here. Becoming introspective is so healthy in our development and I'm glad you used that word! I'm so grateful that I learned gratitude early in life. TW you are such a grateful person. Awesome! Peace, gratitude, and inner personal freedom
    Justin Criner

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    Thats a great post. I don't always know what to think in my life yet I know when I am in that place good things always happen. I know it sure seems unreal but it seems like I have seen miracles just when I need them. Hard to explain but true.

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