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Stop aging, never die, because you are either you thriving, or are you dying

Thriving: How to thrive on life, a few simple steps.


Thriving on in life

either your thriving or your dying

There are only 2 options in life.  Either you are Thriving or you are Dying. I recently posted this on my Facebook and had a flurry of great conversations start up with people agreeing and disagreeing with my comment.  This turned into a fun conversation.

The next morning I was talking to my friend DR John C Dealey and he inspired me to write about how to thrive in life.


Are you ready to thrive in life?

Thrive definition:

1. To make steady progress; prosper.

2. To grow vigorously; flourish:

I really believe, and can possibly prove  that if you are not thriving, you are dying.  So if this is true, than the opposite is also true, if you are thriving, then you are not dying but living. Now of course I’m thinking of dying, not in a physical sense, our bodies are all getting older, but I’m referencing dying more in a quality of life and eternal perspective, however, countless doctors have written about how your quality of life, your attitude, your outlook will make you live longer, so in a very real sense, if you are thriving the you are actually going to live longer, and therefore you are not tying, but you are extending your life. (this has even been proven scientifically)

So, to thrive means to live longer, to live more free, to live forever.  In fact, if we were able to thrive every second of every day we might just well live forever.  Of course most of us don’t currently have the skills to thrive in every second, therefore we can’t really test how long we will live if we are constantly thriving.  But what we do know is when we are thriving we are happier, more at peace, and full of FREEDOM!  Deep inner personal freedom abounds in those that thrive.  The difference in people that thrive is they have control of their lives, they have control of their happiness, they have things to look forward to daily, and they are constantly growing, they are not stagnate and they are not stale.

And as my momma never said: No one likes stale bread, and no one likes stale people.

So, lets move on:

Thriving is important, perhaps one of the most important things you can do to have a quality life.  Thriving may be the missing key to your life.  Do you really feel that you are thriving right now?


On a scale from 1 to 10, what degree of thriving is your life taking right now?  If it’s anything less than a 5 you are probably suffering regularly.  If its more than 8 you are probably quite happy.  Lets move that number to a 10.  We will do that by a few simple steps that anyone can do, that is of course, if they want to do them.

Simple steps to thriving and to thrive on life:

  1. have visions and dreams of where you are going and what you want
  2. actively be moving toward your dreams
  3. do things that are challenging and do them frequently
  4. love
  5. be authentic and be  yourself
  6. serve someone

That’s it, 5 steps.  Now there are many other things we can do to thrive, but these 5 steps will put you on a path to thrive.  My personal favorite is “do things that are challenging and do them frequently.”


I love doing something I have never done before.  In fact, I’m a starter, I like to start new things and to try to figure out how to do them.  Sometimes once I start something new I have a hard time keeping it going, but the act of learning something and starting something is very empowering.  Especially when you get to the point that it is falling into place and actually working.  Wow, that is a freedom creating machine.  Want some personal freedom, start something new today!


So, my thriving friends, its time to thrive on and to stop dying.  In fact its time to thrive forever, because that is what we were created to do, to thrive forever.  Live they way you were intended to live.  Thrive!

If you want more information on thriving then check this out.  I read a book that has just blown me away.  Wow is it worth it.  I mean this book changed my perspective on several levels, and it was worth every minute I spent reading it.  One of my favorite things about the book is he talks about how people wish their life away.

Anyway if you want to really thrive read this book.  Spend the money and read it.  Then we can talk about the awesome new ways you are thriving.  Here is the book.




Thrive on my friends thrive on.

P.S. if you are not doing things that are challenging to you then you are probably not thriving.

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Stop aging, never die, because you are either you thriving, or are you dying, 10.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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